Vinyl Ester Resin Mortar

Vinyl ester mortar is widely used for A.R. Bricks / Tiles linind as a bedding & jointing mortar for chemical reaction vessels, Tanks, Floors, Drain, Foundation & Bleach Towers, commonly specified in the steel food & beverage, textile industries pulp & paper chemical procesing wastewater treatment,

Resistance To

  • Strong oxidizing agents, acids,alkali & bleachs, chlorin gas.

Tempreture maximum limit

  • 90° C (Max.)
Vinyl Ester Resin

Preparation of Mortars :

Preparation of mortar consists of resin & powder of resin/accelerator/catalyst/promoter/powder the average mixing ratio neccasary to obtain mortar with good working consistency is as under :

  • 1 . Resin 1 PBW
  • 2 . Accelerator 0.02 PBW
  • 3 . Catalyst 0.02 PBW
  • 4 . Promoter 0.02 PBW
  • 5 . Powder 3 PBW

The ratio will vary slightly depending upon tempreture and working condition.

Stirer the resin thoroughly befor using. Place liquid in a suitable mixing pan and add accelerator,catalyst, promoter & powder in order.mix thoroughly with the spatula or trowel. The mixing operation shall be continued until a uniform mixture is obtained.

Make sure that all the mortar is used from the mixing pan before another batch is prepared.

This ratio will slightly vary depending upon the temperature and working conditions.

NOTE : Catalyst should be never brought in direct contact with accelerator. Explosion is possible

Setting / Curing :-

  • Vinyl ester is a self-hardening due to a chemical reaction which occurs when the powder,liquid,accelerator,catalyst & promoter are mixed together.
  • An intial set occurs in 2 hours at 30'C
  • Final setting occurs in 24 to 36 hours at 30'C
  • Curing time require in 7 days at 30'C
  • Brick lining work should not be contaminet with water steam or any chemical befor the mortar is completely cured.

Vinyl Ester Mortar

Mechanical/physical property

  • Working time at :  30'C 20 minute min.
  • Density of curred mortar :   1.7 to 1.75 grm per CC
  • Bond strength  :  10 kg./CM2
  • Compessive Strength   :  500 kg./CM2
  • Fexural Strength   :  300 kg./CM2
  • Water absorption  :   0.30%


  • As desire by client

Self life

  • Liquid, catalyst self life 1.5 month at 27'C in close container
  • Powder sellife 2 year in dried condition at 27'C.
Vinyl Ester Mortar