Acid Proof Tiles

Our Acid Resistant tiles, Acid alkali proof tiles, Chemical resistant tiles

The acid resistant tiles come in a range of sizes and thicknesses from ranging from 8-20mm. Our acid proof tiles meet stringent specification norms of IS 4457:2007 standards which ensure excellent performance in Acid/Alkali/Chemical (expect Hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives).

These Acid Proof Tiles used in following industries
  • Cement plants
  • Power plant
  • Steel&Iron plants
  • Chemical Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery Rooms
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Paper Mills
  • Ware House
  • Dairy Food and Beverages
  • Units etc....
Acid Proof Tiles

Acid Proof Tiles Manufacturers India

Our acid resistant tiles provide excellent anti-skid properties for worker safety, abrasion resistance and high aesthetic appeal. We also provide specialized corner tiles for reducing chances for acid attack through construction joints. Our standard sizes are 200x100, 200x200, 230x115& 300x300 millimeters.

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Acid Proof Tiles