Carbon Tiles

Non Impervious Carbon Bricks

We are functional as Non Impervious Carbon Bricks offer fromAhmedabad, India. The Non-Impervious Carbon Bricks, also called Carbon Non-Impregnated Bricks, (Standard Bricks A – Quality) that we deal in conform to ASTM or Din standard. These Non Impervious Carbon Bricks are specially designed for high corrosion resistance & excellent resistance to thermal shocks, mainly for all major acids and alkalies. We also provide total turnkey job solutions & project related to Non Impervious Carbon Bricks.


  • Temperature resistivity 750°C & more
  • Minimum carbon content is 99%
  • Very low ash i.e. Less than 1.0%

Product Details:

  • Bulk Density : 2.250 Kg/cm3
  • Cold Crushing Strength : Greater Than 700 Kg/cm2
  • Flexural Strength  : Greater Than 700 Kg/cm2
  • Water Absorption  : Less Than 2 %
  • Thickness : 10mm to 100mm
  • Length : 229 mm
  • Width  : 114 mm

Application Areas :

  • Phosphoric acid plant: Reactor, storage tanks, vessels, clarifiers, settlers, pipelines etc.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid plant (HF) & fluorosilicic acid plant
  • M.S. & stainless steel pickling plant
  • All chemicals industries (Highly corrosive areas)
  • Fertilizers & Dyes industries
  • Zinc smelter quenching tower
  • H2SO4, HCL, fluorides &Alkalies
  • Caustic scrubbing tower
Carbon Tiles

Impervious Carbon Bricks

We specializes in the fabrication of Impervious Carbon Bricks (AF) Quality (compliance as per ASTM or Din standard). Our Phenol Impregnated (AF) Quality Carbon Bricks are especially developed and exhibit the features such as corrosion resistance, excellent resistance to thermal shocks, high crushing strength and capacity to withstand temperature up to 180oC. We provide nothing but the best, and that why are counted amid the notable Impervious Carbon Bricks Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers in Maharashtra, India.


Properties Unit Impregnated Results
Density gms/cc 1.6
Comp. Strength kg/cm2 600
Flexural strength kg/cm2 300
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 125
Porosity % 4
Water absorption % 2
Carbon Content % 98
Ash content % 1.5
Thermal Conductivity w/mk. 4-6
Abradability index Morgan scale 140
Temp. Resistivity oC 180
Chemical duty (Suitable for all acids, Alkalies, solvents & Mixtures) Loss of wt. In % <1
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